Gisboure Secendry Collage

Today at Gisbore Secenadry Collage we got to get a demo of What high school is like we left at 10:30 to 1:30. First we did thearter then art. Thearter was nice it was a giant statemen with bright blow chairs that had gum under them. The theacher was miss k and miss m we played lots of fun drama games. One of the games , was are group had to act like a room. My group did a living room I was a bear rug. The next session was art we got discs and we coulored them with sharpies and detailed them with black fine liners. We saw the older kids and they were tall.

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Our inquiry for the term was the earth we had to pick a topic

   from the earth. My topic was human evolution.

My favourite thing was  teaching other people about human evolution.

Next  time I would try to advertise my stand a bit more.

TacTile banknotes
Tactile means to touch and feel
Conor is blind since he was born
He had to learn Kane skills when he was two

Conner learnt something called Braille braille is a tactile thing that vision impaired people use to read and write there little bumps on paper in certain patron to say different letters and words

In other country’s like Canada they have something called tactile bank notes Connor wondered why there were no tac tiLe bank notes in Australia
Conner started a petition and got 57000 votes and in the next generation of money there will be tactile notes

Now in Australia vision Impaired people can tell what note they are holding and can shop Easier

Healthy eating


Today in class we learnt about healthy eating. Healthy eating is eating healthy food like meat veggies  and whole grain food like bread and buns. have Veggies and fruit every day like have an apple at lunch it give you more energy and more vitamins preventing cancer Eating healthy will improve your sports and over all happiness eating healthy will also make you look better and feel better


image imageWe are learning how a seed becomes a plant
We watched a YouTube and this is what we found out…
What does a seed have inside it that helps it become a plant?
Seed have three parts: ,seed coat, embryo and endosperm
The seed coat know when it’s safe to grow of when it’s not.
They seed can stay dormant of sleeping for over 1000 years.
Seed need water, the right temperature and sun light then they go throw a stage called germination the plant grows and then it can make food
The first part to of the plant to grow is the roote
Seeds use some thing called endosperm to  and grow when the plant grows leaves it no longer need the endosperm.
I shot grows out from the top together sun light that is when it gets reed of the endosperm.

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